Along with names on the previous list there are some more famous people that played rugby:
As well as George Bush Jr and Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy was another former U.S. President that played rugby. He played at Harvard, as did his brother Joe. Their captain was a guy called Ken O’Donnell, who Kennedy later chose as his White House Chief of Staff.
A 3rd Kennedy brother also played, but he wasn’t so good and actually got banned from playing for getting into too many fistfights!
Lord of the Ring’s creator J.R.R. Tolkien also played, at Oxford.
Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle played.
James Bond himself, Sean Connery, played.
Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein played.
Deceased Monty Python member Graham Chapman played. He played as a teenager. His school didn’t have a rugby team so he joined the local club. Apparently, he wanted to be able to have a drink with his team-mates at the bar and being only 15 he needed to look older he started smoking a pipe. The pipe would end up becoming a permanent companion to him. Unfortunately, he died from cancer at the age of 48. The early drinking also led to him becoming an alcoholic, he only gave up the drink about 10 years before he died.
Charlie Chaplin also played.
Jeeves and Wooster author PG Wodehouse was a rugby player.
Ulysses’ author James Joyce played (Oscar Wilde wasn’t a fan, though. He use to say that: ‘rugby was a great way to keep 30 bullies away from the centre of town!).
Former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (Il Duce) is credited with popularising rugby in Italy.
Edmund Hilary (the 1st person to reach the summit of Everest) also played (though as he was from New Zealand, that’s not surprising.
There was also a rumour that Karol Wojtyla was capped a few times for Poland. This doesn’t seem to be true. Wojtyla would later become more famous as Pope John Paul II.

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