Rugby is not nearly as widely played as other sports but it has some very famous members amongst it’s brotherhood. Here are some of the most famous players to have taken the field:


Former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr (that means that from 1993-2009, the President of the United States was a rugby player).


Former French President Jacques Chirac


James Bond Daniel Craig


James Bond Villain Javier Bardem (who was actually capped for Spain)


Former dictator Idi Amin (he was actually a sub against the 1974 British and Irish Lions).


Gladiator Russell Crowe (though I think he might have played rugby league


Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (there was actually a legendary Scottish rugby player called Gordon Brown who toured with the Lions in 1971, ’74 and ’77)


Legendary Cuban Guerilla leader Che Gueverera


Former Professional Wrestler Andre the Giant (would not like to have had to have marked him. He was nearly 7 ft tall and built like a tank). Apparently he was also friends with Samuel Beckett.

Here’s the list with pics:


 Other celebs who didn’t make the list include:

Legendary wit and Goon creator Spike Milligan

Richard Harris (once said that he’d give up all the acting accolades for 1 Munster cap)

 Dracula creator Abraham Stoker (Bram Stoker)

Also former English Lock Martin Bayfield who starred as Hagrid in the Harry Potter films (when they showed Hagrid from a distance. Hagrid is really tall and Bayfield is 6ft 10. Robbie Coltrane played Hagrid in the close-ups).


Quite a group.

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